**Seed Disclaimer:**

Welcome to yerbaseeds.com We're thrilled to
have you here exploring our selection of premium 
seeds. Before you dive in, we want to make sure 
we're on the same page:

Our seeds are sold and intended strictly as 
souvenirs and collectible novelty items. They are
not intended for germination, cultivation, or any
other purpose that may contravene local laws and

Here's the deal:

- **Strictly Souvenirs:** Our seeds are like 
little treasures, meant to be admired, collected, 
and shared as souvenirs of your journey into the 
world of genetics.

- **Collector's Items:** Treat these seeds like 
the prized possessions they are! Whether you're a 
seasoned collector or just starting your 
collection, each seed tells a story and adds a 
unique touch to your repertoire.

- **Know Your Laws:** It's your responsibility 
to know and abide by the laws and regulations 
governing the purchase, possession, and use of
seeds in your area. We cannot and do  not condone
any illegal activities.

- **Spread the Love:** While we're passionate 
about our seeds, we also believe in responsible 
and respectful engagement with culture. Spread 
the love, share your knowledge, and foster a 
community built on positivity and inclusivity.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of 
discovery and delight, browse our selection, 
pick out your favorite souvenirs, and get ready
to add a splash of excitement to your 

Happy collecting!


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